Learn more about Remington Electric Hair Rollers


  1. 20 Spaded Hot Rollers;
  2. Buyer must charge a 20% restocking fee for return item;
  3. Retains heat energy perfect for curling. Ionic conditioning for no frizz and more shine;
  4. Rollers come in three sizes for perfect curls. Cool touch end rings for comfortable handling;
  5. Spaded roller surface for tangle free setting. Easy to use comfort clips hold hair securely

To make hairstyling quick and easy, this hair-setting device from Remingtonreg comes with 20 wax-core rollers that heat up fast and retain heat longer for long-lasting curls, plus 20 easy-to-use, custom-designed clips to hold the rollers securely in place. liThe rollers stand up straight on metal posts beneath a transparent lid (although the rollers will heat with the lid up). Thermostat guards against overheating and the rollers’ rims stay cool to make winding burn-free. One roller has a red dot on top that darkens to indicate when the rollers are warm enough to use. liThe oval unit–all plastic, including rollers–is compact, measuring just 9-1/2 inches long, 4-3/4 inches high, and 7 inches deep, and comes with a two-year warranty against defects. These Remington Hot rollers are a quick and easy way to get a show-stopping style. Ready-Set-Style!


  1. Titanium Shaving System.
  2. Buyer must charge a 20% restocking fee for return item.
  3. 3 independently floating ultra-thin heads for a comfortably close shave. Titanium-coated twin blades for shaving with less irritation.
  4. Increased cutting slots for quick shaving. Locking pop-up trimmer for precise trimming.
  5. Self-sharpening blades for consistent results. Charging indicator light alerts you to the battery status

The Remington R-425 rechargeable shaver is designed to shave incredibly close and incredibly fast. Remington’s top of the line R-425 has Triple Comfort-flex for sensitive skin for a clean shave with a washable design. liThis sleek shaver from Remington delivers smooth results with reduced irritation for a comfortably close shave. With superior flexing ability, the three floating heads means less irritation. liIt has 50% more cutting slots for a quick shave in less passes with Titanium coated twin blades. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand for improved control and flexibility. A high-performance motor provides accelerated shaving action for a faster shave.

Hair Care with Heated Hair Roller

A hair roller is a machine that is used in hair care for styling and curling, and with a blow dryer. The basic working method of a hair roller is: it breaks down the hair’s hydrogen bonds, present in the hair’s cortex, thus causing the hair to bend and become curly. The breaking of the hydrogen bonds leads to the hair being prevented from holding their original form and style.

However, these hydrogen bonds can be reformed in the presence of moisture. Electric
variety of these hair rollers are called as heated hair roller. This is a tool which is used to curl the hair with the use of heat. The diameter of these hair rollers can be anything ranging from 0.8 inches to 1.4 inches. The hair rollers are basically used to give shape and volume to the hairstyle.

The first heated hair roller was produced in the year 1966 and was produced by Panasonic, and they are called as a hot curler. The two main brands of hair rollers are Conair (Babyliss) and Remington. These hair rollers are for those women who are styling their hair with a brush and a blow dryer with difficulty. Hair rollers help these women on bad hair days.

Hairstyle with a hair roller will stay longer and can come to the aid of those in need of quick solution to unruly hair. Before the advent of Velcro, hair rollers had to be pinned in place.

However, with the introduction of Velcro, this is now no longer required. The working of a heated hair roller is pretty simple. When they are supplied with electric current, the device gets heated up. There is a signaling device in a light which will indicate that the rollers are now ready for use. You can then introduce the roller in the hair by starting at the tip and moving upwards towards the curled portion. Then the rollers are clipped in place and allowed to cool before they are removed. Although hair rollers come out to be more expensive as compared to a curling iron, the curls that they provide the hair with, last much longer, than those formed by the curling iron, and will give a full head of curls.

The heated hair rollers contain some wax inside them and this wax gets heated when the device is plugged into the power source. Hot rollers invariably take approximately 10 minutes to heat up, approximately 15-20 minutes to apply and finally 15 minutes for setting the hair in place.

Some more time would be required depending upon the hairstyle that you intend to have. In order to retain the curls, a styling spray or gel could be used. The choice of a heated roller would depend upon individual preferences and the texture of the hair. It is always better to try them out in your hair so that you know that they will work well with your hair type.

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