Among non-medicinal treatments for diseases such as acupressure, traditional massage, manual therapy, auriculotherapy, acupuncture, there is catgut. It represents a further step in the development of acupuncture, which is possible through the application of science and technology.

What is a catgut?

Catgut is a skin-sewing with a self-absorbing surgical needle in meridian points of the body, or in pathological zones on the patient’s body to prevent or treat diseases. Surgical threads consist of bioresorbable proteins. Their length varies and can be from 0.5 to 7 cm (the average length is 3-4 cm). After sewing, threads “dissolve” in the body for 2-3 weeks. Throughout this time, threads actively influence the body and stimulate the immune response.

How does the catgut work?

In fact, the catgut creates a new reflex arc, destroying the old one. It affects certain parts of the body (through nerve segments) or the entire body at all.

In theory of traditional oriental medicine, the catgut is called upon to restore the balance of yin-yang in the body and the initial ideal state of qi and blood energy in the meridians, and to regulate the functions of all organs.

The importance of the traditional medicine is “in principle, where energy flows freely, and there is no pain. But if there is a pain, there is a stagnation of energy.” On this basis, the catgut is directed to the elimination of pain syndromes, as well as to the treatment of chronic diseases.

The technique

After diagnostics and identifying a disease or a syndrome, you need to determine the points of sewing the thread. Depending on each case, threads of different sizes can be used.
The length of each thread also depends on the specific point on the patient’s body and can be from 0.5 to 5-7cm. The number of sewing points catgut differs depending on the disease: there are only a few points, and sometimes up to a couple of dozens. After the threads are inserted under the skin, the sewing points are treated with an antiseptic and then bandaged to prevent an infection.

Who can do a catgut

The catgut method is especially recommended in the following cases:


  1. Linda says:

    Does it hurt?
    I cannot believe, there is no pain.

  2. Lovely Hair Salon says:

    It depends on your state of health. If you have serious problems, it can hurt a little bit. But be sure, that the Catgut procedure directed to the elimination of pain syndromes. So after the treatment, you will feel much better.

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