Our beauty editor tells you about the results of the procedure and shows the pictures “before” and “after.”

About the procedure

They do botox for eyelashes in combination with lamination, as these methods complement each other. After the usual lamination, you get painted eyelashes with a beautiful bend, after lamination with botox – the same eyelashes, but more dense and dark. Botox compacts hairs and makes their volume more significant. Of course, there is no botulotoxin in the formula, but it is rich in such ingredients as hydrolyzed keratin and collagen, which increase the volume, hyaluronic acid, tocopherol, an antioxidant. These ingredients enriche hair with oxygen, and also argan oil, which enhances the effect of staining.


I had long eyelashes, but they were light colored. So I needed to mascara them every day. I was tired of worrying if they were spread out. I did not want to feel that I had something on my eyelashes. Also, I did not like that my eyelashes are not bulky and straight. I did not decide on the procedure very quickly because I very much appreciated what nature gave me, and I was afraid that the chemicals could spoil it.

The procedure

I lay down on the couch and tried to relax. I had to lie with closed eyes for about an hour and a half. It was a little frightening, because I couldn’t monitor the work of the master and monitor what is happening around. The master chose a suitable size roller and started to twist eyelashes one by one. I practically did not feel anything. Then the master began a lamination procedure. First, the chemical composition was applied to the eyelashes, that is why they curled in the shape of the roller. My eyes were covered with warm cotton pads, a film, and a towel to make chemicals work. And in such warmth and silence, I lay for at least fifteen minutes, so that I begin to feel relaxed. By the time when the final fixing compound was applied to the eyelashes, I was not worried at all and enjoyed the rest. After staining in black, they began to start a botox procedure: several compounds were applied, which strengthen the eyelashes and fix the achieved result. After the procedure, hairs were carefully combed with a brush to remove possible lumps. Then, I was finally allowed to open my eyes.


I was amazed by the result!  Eyelashes became black and long Рthey reached the eyebrows. At the same time, hairs were well separated and curled upward: the look was expressive and open. The salon specialists were amazed as well.

They said that an impressive result was obtained because I have long eyelashes by nature. On short ones it looks different – botox cannot add extra millimeters to your hairs. After the procedure, the eyelashes looked wet, and I was forbidden to touch them until the morning – even to wash eyes with water. A day later they took a natural appearance. Surrounding people began to ask what mascara I use, but I stopped painting eyes at all – there was simply no need. Since the procedure, two weeks have passed, hairs do not fall out and do not lose either volume or bending. I hope that this effect will persist for the promised six weeks.



  1. May says:

    Nice result!
    I have been thinking about doing eyelash botox for a long time, but couldn`t decide on it. After reading this review, I got a little more confidence. It is not so scary, as I expected.
    Thank you:)

  2. Nomi says:

    I liked the botox procedure; it is very relaxing. The result exceeded all my expectations!!!!
    Eyelashes became magnificent black, hairs got thicker and did not stick out in different directions. Now, I almost do not do makeup, only a little bit lip gloss.

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